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Dearly Beloved in Christ, My greetings to you!
I was born in Kalanthapanai,Tirunelveli district in the year 1971. I grew up in a small village known as Odaikkarai, which is near Cheranmahadevi which was my mother’s native town. I finished my education and later I worked in Chennai. Currently I am working in Singapore and doing the Lord’s Ministry. Praise be to God! Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. – Lamentations 3:22.

Prophesy Fulfilled:
When I was a growing child, I was nurtured and growing in the knowledge of Jesus. I spent most of my time in the Church as my mother’s sister Sis.Pakkiyathai, my Grandfather, Pastor Thavamani, Sister Inbam, were doing the Lord’s ministry through this local church. It is their love, counsel and timely advises made me to progress well in the knowledge of the Lord!

I used to actively involve myself in helping the church in all the activities. Admired and studied the Holy Scriptures (Holy Bible) with a great level of motivation. I was asking very good questions from the Holy Bible. One day my grandmother (Gnanamani) saw a vision and she narrated the vision to all of us who were gathered in the house,she mentioned to all of us that “I was preaching the word of God in a different country which was prosperous” She uttered that “ you will not believe me now, however, when this prophesy full-fills, I will not be around”. So as prophesied by my grandmother I am now doing the ministry of God, in Singapore as ordained by God in fulfilling “HIS Will”.

Salvation and Anointment:
In my Mother church, IPC, Odaikkarai, during the convention in the year 1986, I committed my life to live for the Lord. I took immersed water baptism in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Many people who were living/growing with me in my locality received the gift of the Holy Spirit and were leading a very happy life. Observing them I had a deeper thirst to receive the gift of the “Holy Spirit”. With this intention to receive the Holy Spirit, while we were praying in the upper room of the house, God anointed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Rescue from the valley of death:
Basically I am quite well versed in agricultural and house-hold activities. An expert in climbing the Palm trees. One day while climbing the Palm tree to reach the top portion, I tried holding the tender green palm leaves branch to reach the top, however the leaves branch which I was holding tore apart and from that height I fell down to the 3/4th height of the palm tree, but somehow I held the trunk of the tree after falling from such a great height. God protected me from this tragic incident.

During Pongal season I went to Manimutthar Falls to enjoy with my friends bathing and diving. While I was enjoying diving, I realized that I would have been dead at that moment. But God protected my life though I was carelessly enjoying the fun. One day after I bathed in the Well and was waiting to come out of the Well, to my surprise I saw an 8 feet viper snake just standing between my legs and I thought that I am finished and gone, however the big snake could not do any harm to me rather it just strolled between my legs, glancing me repeatedly. All the people who were standing at the top of the Well were screaming with great terror. I was reminded of the Bible verse “For thou art with me” PS: 23:4. The Lord protected me.
I was suffering from severe cough and this persistent cough was making me breathless, and I thought to myself that soon I will be dead. As this negative thought was running in my mind, the Lord changed the situation and gave me life. Indeed God has protected me from many dangers and accidents. The ultimate reason that God has saved me and protected me is to do HIS honorable ministry!

Desire for the Lord’s Ministry and fulfillment of God’s Will:
Wherever I go, I love to be an assistant in the Church. Willfully I do all the activities in the church. I thought that being an assistant is enough for me. However the passionate desire was increasing in my heart to do the Lord’s ministry. Unexpectedly I got an opportunity to work in Singapore during August 1999. After coming to Singapore I realized that it was very difficult for me to work and survive here. I felt that that I need to return to India as the work was very stressful. At this juncture, I received a letter from my Aunt and from Sister Inbam. In the letter they quoted “What have I now done? Is there not a cause? The Holy Bible says in 1 Sam 17:29, she affirmed God’s word to me and this affirmation from the word of God started speaking to me.

God reminded me of how he was protecting me from all the harms and dangers all through these years. The question “If you were dead” kept ringing in my mind.

One day in Singapore when I attended the Gospel Meeting headed by Dr. William Stanley, during his message he uttered that “for some of you, you have a desire to do the Lord’s ministry, but you say that, only when God calls me I could do the ministry” Now I say that “you will not receive a call from God. The only call from God would be to call you to HIM forever. These powerful words really shook me and made me to realize. Days passed by. I understood that for me to do the Lord’s ministry, my wife was co-operative and encouraging. The Lord started preparing me for HIS ministry. There was a strong utterance from God’s servants, fellow believers and my relatives that God was speaking to me persistently. Finally I too submitted myself for the Higher Calling of God to do HIS ministry. God lead me in this ministry. Exposing me to a lot of circumstances God strengthened me in the ministry. Following this we started the Church ministry on the 4th May 2008. As per God’s Will on the 28th September 2011, Blessing Ministries-House of God originated. This church was dedicated towards bringing Glory to Jesus! I am doing this ministry in Singapore by the perfect Will of God. To God Be All the Glory and Honor! Amen.

Pastor J. Johnson, (M.Div)
Blessing Ministries

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